Monday - Friday

Lunch Special

  • $18 Carlsberg Bucket

  • $4 Carlsberg

  • 10% Off on All Food Items

11am - 3:30pm

Happy Hour Specials!

  • $18 Miller Lite Bucket

  • $4 Miller Lite

  • $5 Skyy Vodka

  • $5 Patron XO

  • $5 Jim Beam Bourbon Whisky

4:00pm - 7:00pm

Power Hour Specials

  • 1/2 off on all Appetizers

7:00pm - 9:00pm

Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday Special

Daily Special

  • $20 Heineken Buckets

  • $5 Don Q Rum

7:00pm ~ Closing


Ladies Night

  • Music by DJ Music Sensation

  • Bottomless drinks for Ladies

  • $18 Miller Lite Bucket

  • $4 Miller Lite

  • $5 Skyy Vodka

  • $5 Patron XO

  • $5 Jim Beam Bourbon Whisky

9:00pm ~ Closing


All Day Special

  • $18 Rolling Rock Bucket

  • $4 Bud, Bud Light, Bud Ice

  • $5 Bud Light Platinum

  • $6 Bacardi Cocktails

  • $6 Bombay Gin Cocktails

  • $8 Grey Goose Cocktails

  • $4 Landshark

  • $7 Loaded Landshark Cocktail

All Day

Beach Summer Games 2017

The Beach Bar Summer Games is fun for all. Spectators and competitors all have a chance to win! Each week, for 9 weeks, teams of 4 or less will compete for the chance to win $1000.00 cash and thousands of dollars worth of prizes. Every Saturday from 11:00am to 12:30 pm registration for each week's events will be held. Teams must register each week to participate in the weekly event. Competition will begin at 1pm and a new event will take place every hour until 5pm. The Beach Bar Summer Games will kick off with the first day of events on Saturday July 8th, with the final weekend being Saturday September 2nd and the final event on Sunday September 3rd. The winner of the final event will receive $10,000.00 cash and thousands of dollars worth of prizes binging the purse for this event to $100,000.00 dollars.

Spectators are competitors as well! Every Saturday during the competition, each bud product purchased will get you a raffle ticket. Bud buckets will get you 10 raffle tickets. During the event prizes will be raffled off and at the end of each event, 1 lucky raffle winner will spin the “Challenge wheel” for a chance to compete with the weekly winner to “steal” $500 from the winning team.

Weekly competitions will be arranged in 4 categories:

  • Physical challenge

  • Game of Chance

  • Eating Competition

  • Brain Game

Every team wins any individual event will automatically be entered into the finals on September 3rd for a chance at the $10,000.00 cash prize. If a team wins multiple events, they are knocking out other teams for the finals, increasing the odds of winning by reducing the number of competitors in the finals.

The finals on September 3rd will be a fun filled day with live music, great food & drinks and exciting competition. Don't miss your chance to win!

All competitors must be 21 years of age or older to participate.

1:00pm - 5:00pm


All Day Special

  • $18 Miller Lite Bucket

  • $4 Miller Lite

  • $5 Skyy Vodka

  • $5 Patron XO

  • $5 Jim Beam Bourbon Whisky

11am - 3:30pm

Live Band Schedule

  • M/W 5pm-7pm "Michael Napoli"

  • Tuesday 5pm-7pm "Rachel Estavez"

  • Thursday 5pm-7pm "Juan Solo"

  • Friday 6pm-7pm/8pm-10pm "All In"

  • Saturday 6pm-7pm/8pm-10pm "Rock Bottom"

  • Sunday 7pm-10pm "Mix Plate"

5:00pm - 10:00pm